25 pink fruits - the ultimate list (2023)

discover thelast pink fruitsList! It starts fromwildAexoticand everything else is these pink fruitsfullconnutrientand ready to brighten your day.

25 pink fruits - the ultimate list (1)
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  • 1. Lorbeer-Chino (Yangmei)
  • 2. Cranberry
  • 3. Drink Fruit (Pitaya)
  • 4. Figs
  • 5. Guave
  • 6. Java apples
  • 7. Bayas von Lilly Pilly
  • 8. Logan-Beeren
  • 9. Lichis
  • 10. Passion fruit
  • 11. Pink Bananas
  • 12. Rosa Grapefruit
  • 13. Pink Lady apples
  • 14.Pink Pearl Apples
  • 15. Pink Ananas
  • 16. Snowberry Pink
  • 17. Granada
  • 18. Pampelmuse
  • 19. Rambutan
  • 20. Raspberries
  • 21. Rhabarber
  • 22nd card
  • 23. Strawberries
  • 24. Watermelon
  • 25. Walderdbeere

1. Lorbeer-Chino (Yangmei)

25 pink fruits - the ultimate list (2)

used intraditional medicinefor more than 2000 years,Bayberry-Chino(Myrica rubra) is a small to medium-sized tree that producesRosaÖlilacolored fruits.

The sweet fruit is packed withantioxidantsand vitamins and has enormouscultural relevancein China.

It is considered finished2000 yearsand is often mentioned in ChineseLiterature.


25 pink fruits - the ultimate list (3)

Blueberries really deserve their spot on the list of beautiful pink fruits.

you are unbelievablewidespreadjversatile(Think chutneys, juices, sauces, etc.).

Not only that they are even used asDecor& TreatTHE.Also here in the UK they are known as the bestChristmas flavor!Talk about a multi-faceted fruit!

United States, Canada&Chilethey are by far the largest producers of blueberries.

3. Drink Fruit (Pitaya)

25 pink fruits - the ultimate list (4)

Also known as dragon fruit, pink pitaya is a tropical fruit native to JapanMexico&Central America.

He is known for histoll,bright pink &prickly skinand light gray (sometimes pink) flesh with small onesdark glasses.

This tropical delight is loaded with antioxidants and has aLicht, ButsweetFlavor (sometimes compared to watermelon and pear).

4. figs

25 pink fruits - the ultimate list (5)

with your signatureteardrop shape, figs are instantrecognizableand popular all over the world.

They are rich in nutrients and have unique properties,carne blanda. If you are looking for a light snack,fresh figsYou are the right way. Dried figs are higher in sugar and calories.

Figs can be eaten asindependent snackjeaten whole- both flesh and skin.

you can beGrilled, used insalad,chutneys and sauces, or addeddessert.

5. Guave

The guava is one of thoseMyrten familyand grows into ittropicalor subtropical climate.

Its taste is often described as a hybridstrawberries&Pear. It's sweet, refreshing and slightly floral.

However, you really have to try it to get a real idea of ​​how amazing it isrefreshingTaste!

There are several ways to enjoy guava - insauces, Chutneys,Jam,Juices, desserts or somethinggulp.

6. java apples

25 pink fruits - the ultimate list (6)

Although they are called apples, they actually areTropical fruit!

native ofMalaysia, they areNOKnown for its taste. In fact, many describe them as somethingsoftand with no real taste.

However, they are rich innutrientincluding many vitamins. They can also help muscles heal.electric shock, increaseimmunity& improvemetabolism(fuente).

7. Bayas von Lilly Pilly

25 pink fruits - the ultimate list (7)

Thistiny& The tasty pink fruits are typically found inAustralia.

they areedibleand have a sweet, almostmuskyFlavor combined with notes of clove and blueberry.

Contrary to popular belief, they areNot poisonous, but remember that many do not particularly like its taste.

used to makejams, chutneys, milkshakes, and severaldessert

8. Logan Beeren

Ahybridbetween raspberries and blackberries were the blackberriesdeveloped accidentallyInCalifornia.

they make aexcellent additionBake,Smoothiesand can even be convertedGinebra.

Despite the visual similarity, its taste isstrongerand juicier than a raspberry.

Like other berries, they are full ofVitaminsjantioxidants

9. lichis

25 pink fruits - the ultimate list (8)

It is difficult to describe the taste of lychee. Some compare it toPearÖSandia, while others think it looks like itgrapeÖstrawberries.

This beautiful pink fruit is nativeAsiaand is commonly canned and then used in desserts or as a snack.

Lychees were used because they are full of vitaminstraditional medicinesince centuries.

10 passion fruit

Deep pink on the outside and yellow on the inside, the passion fruit is a real oneShow-Tapon.

it's brilliantglittering&noticeableThe meat is often used inFood Photographyto add texture and visual interest. It's great when addedYoghurt, coulis, pies& selfCocktails

classified asexotic fruit,Passion fruit has aCakeFlavor with a slightly bittersweet aftertaste (depending on its maturity).

comes from originallySouth America, but now it is enjoyed and loved all over the world.

11 pink bananas

No, you won't go crazy, they really exist!

Pink bananas, sometimes referred to as "the most beautiful bananas in the world," are grown thereAssamand eastThe Himalayas.

they aremuch smallerlarger than their yellow counterparts.

while sheSohnedible, they also contain countlessinedible seeds. Its flesh is white and covered with small, fine hairs.

12. Rosa Grapefruit

25 pink fruits - the ultimate list (9)

Pink grapefruit is a cross betweenPampelmuse&orange. It has a sweet taste, but abitter aftertaste

There's no shortage of pink grapefruit recipes ranging fromice creamto the salads,energy bars, Cocktails,Smoothies, and more.

Pink grapefruit is not only used in food, it is also commonly used inskin carejfragrances

13. Pink Lady apples

25 pink fruits - the ultimate list (10)

Originally bredAustraliainside1970, Pink Lady apples are now among the most popularpopularapple varieties.

You are them toofirst recorded applein the world.

Its taste is often described ascrispy, sweet, with acitric acidTop.

14 Pink Pearl apples

like a mixtart, sweet and crunchy? Then you will love Pink Pearl apples.

developed inCalifornia, are members ofRosaFamily.

Unlike Pink Lady apples, these arewithin pink(not outside).

Like any other variety of apple, there are countless ways to use them in cooking or baking. I even tried them on mineCake with apple compote&apple quark.

15. Pink Ananas

These genetically modified fruits come fromCosta Ricaand can takeup to 2 yearsgrow (which makes them a very expensive fruit!)

Not only do they look extremely cool, they taste good tooless bitterand juicier than their yellow sisters.

Because they are grown by only one grower in Costa Rica, they are expensive and priceyextremely difficultreach certain parts of the world.

sixteen. pink snowberry

25 pink fruits - the ultimate list (11)

Despite nothing less than lookingspectacular, these delicate pink berries may be eaten by birds, but they areslightly toxicto people.

are basedNorth America,but now grown all over the world.

Snowberries have long been used as adisinfectantjlaxative, as well as various treatskin problems(such as wounds, rashes, warts, etc.).

17 Grenada

25 pink fruits - the ultimate list (12)

With its similar tasteblueberries,Pomegranates are the perfect combination of sweet and sour.

originally fromIran, this fruit has quickly spread all over the world, which is not surprising given thispleasant&versatileAnd!

Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, pomegranates work wellSalad, shakes, cakes,pastries, breakfast bowls and more.

18 Pampelmuse

25 pink fruits - the ultimate list (13)

Given their similarity, it's not surprising that grapefruits look very similar to grapefruits.

They originally grew inSouth East AsiajMalaysia, but now it can be found in several countries around the world.

It's not just themrich in vitamins, are also full of dietary fiber, rich inantioxidants, and super easy to add to your diet.

19 Rambutan

Sometimes described assweet&creamy,Rambutan has a unique flavor that's hard to pin down!

For some it seemsGrapes, longan fruitsÖLitschi. Rambutan is widely grown in Australia, Hawaii and Southeast Asia.

If you're worried about prickly skin, you'll be glad to know it's extremesimplyto remove!

20 raspberries

25 pink fruits - the ultimate list (14)

They probably need no introduction, but I managed to find a fewFun Factsand curiosities for you!

The last fruit of summer are raspberriesred, pink, gold orNegroin color.

Issmall soft pearlsWhat each raspberry is made of is namedruinsAn average raspberry also has about 100 to 120 seeds (fuente).

There is more of200 varietiesof raspberries

21 Rhabarber

25 pink fruits - the ultimate list (15)

Raw rhubarb iscrispy, sour&Cake- If you don't really like sour flavors, it's better to boil or bake it first.

is a native ofporcelain, but very easy to grow in different climates.

It's not as versatile as other fruits, but there are still many ways to use it, especially inBake.

works fine onGalettes, tarts, snacks, cakes, as well asMuffin&ice cream.

One of my favorite ways to enjoy rhubarb is ajam!

22 Busch

It isfilipinoThe forest berry is similar to a raspberry, but much rarer. It is alsokleiner& have asofterTaste.

It can be used like other berries (sauces, baking, smoothies, fruit salads).

they areeasy to growbut they are only available for ashort periodtime in summer.

23 strawberries

25 pink fruits - the ultimate list (16)

It isjuicy,sweet, pink fruit is one of the mostpopular berriesout there.

Strawberries have been cultivated ever since, according to historiansAntikes Romand are often used for medicinal purposes.

An average strawberry has up to200 Togetherand is one of the first fruits to ripen in spring (fuente).

24. Watermelon

25 pink fruits - the ultimate list (17)

The watermelon is the best.HydrationSeason!

Each watermelon contains approx.90% Aqua,making it one of the most hydrating fruits you can eat. It is also rich inVitamins A, B6 and C

According to some historians, this pink fruit is over.5000 yearsviejo.

25 Wild Strawberry

25 pink fruits - the ultimate list (18)

Wild strawberries have been with me since early childhoodfavorite fruit!

It sounds like a cliché, but I really believe you.you have to try themto believe how good they are.much cuterthan other strawberries, they have a rich flavor with hints ofvain.

are significantkleinerthan the strawberries we see in stores (but much tastier!).

I enjoyed that? discover mineGothic und Halloweenlist of25 black fruits!or explore meDiet tips sectionknow the facts andfunny little things!

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