30+ Insanely Cute DIY Boyfriend Gifts That Show How Much You Care - by Sophia Lee (2023)

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This post is about DIY gifts for boyfriend.

Your friend is special. Really, really special. Sometimes you just want to show him how much you love him.

These DIY groomsmen gifts are the perfect way to show him how much you care with a maid gift.

This post is about DIY gifts for boyfriend.


1. Notizglas

If you are looking for cute DIY gifts for your boyfriend, this is a great idea that requires very little money!

I love this idea because you can write cute notes that mean a lot to the person you love. And there are 50 pieces so you can get really creative.

2. Photo cube


This DIY is amazing...it's so cute and easy to do!

3. Kiss print

So basically anyone with a pair of lips can create this gift idea!

This has to be one of the easiest DIY gifts for him and her.Seems pretty self explanatory to find out!

Put on your favorite lipstick and kiss (the paper of course, hehehe).

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4. Love vouchers

Love knocks on your door with this DIY gift idea!

If you are looking for a cute and romantic yet creative DIY gift for your boyfriend, then this is such an easy gift that it even costs less than $10.

5. Cute photo frame

30+ Insanely Cute DIY Boyfriend Gifts That Show How Much You Care - by Sophia Lee (8)

Have you ever heard that a picture says more than a thousand words?

Well, in this case that's true!

This frame is so cute and can make any photo of you and your loved one just that little bit better.

6. "Open when"letters

30+ Insanely Cute DIY Boyfriend Gifts That Show How Much You Care - by Sophia Lee (9)

These are always an amazing idea for the people you love the most in your life. They are incredibly sentimental and can be a lot of fun for the people who receive them!

I have written this for some of my friends before and even they always LOVE it.

7. Love Blocks Game

Love conquers all... even Jenga!

This tower of love idea is the perfect DIY romantic gift for a friend they will love.

All you need are empty skyscrapers, a marker and some love quotes.

You can make it more fun and ask questions so the other person can answer the question/sentence when the person's lock is unlocked!

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8. "Reasons Why I Love You" Cards

This DIY is a must!

If you have a friend, stop what you're doing and make this DIY gift for a friend just because!

You need playing cards that you can have at home, you can just write on the cards or buy some sticky notes and personalize them more!

The good thing is that it costs little money and can be very useful.

9. Wheel of memories

How cute is that?!

I love how simple yet special this long distance DIY gift is!

10. DIY-Ornamente

Of course you would have to change the image to one of you and your friend ;).

... but this is the perfect DIY for a Christmas present for a friend!

11. Glass Minibar

How cute does this "bar in a jar" look?Lessons in Licking the Salt?! (I love the name of the blog too haha)

Be sure to check out her tutorial, it's amazing!

13. Happy Birthday Box

A birthday box is ALWAYS a good idea!

This DIY birthday gift for boyfriend is easy to make because you can fill the box with keepsakes and photos or items that your boyfriend loves.

14. Scrapbook and photographs.

This looks like the cutest gift idea for a friend. And perfect for a round anniversary!

This is something they will treasure and cherish forever and remember for so long.

15. Lotteriesostrich

Try your luck!

This DIY gift for a friend and their anniversary is romantic.

You can easily create this with a vase and some lottery tickets or scratch cards!

16. Couples Bucket List

We all make wish lists and this is the couples edition!

Anyone could do this for little to no money, all you need is a billboard and some markers and dreams!

PS - This is super cute because it tells your current boyfriend about the future.

17. Picture Book Puzzles

I HAVE to get one of these for my boyfriend!

If you are looking for a unique DIY gift for a friend, then this is for you.

Amazon creates a custom photo of you and your friend in a puzzle. I KNOW!

18. Shoes with a sweet message

Every guy LOVES shoes, so this DIY gift idea for him is both trendy and useful!

Ok, how simple is this idea?

You can buy her a pair of shoes she's always wanted and put a cute message in the box for an extra touch of sweetness that she'll really appreciate.

19. Monthly Activity Cards

This is so fun! The gift that really gives.

Spending time with your boyfriend is much better than a physical gift. These cards are also a kind of gift to yourself, since you will do all of this together. 🙂

20. Painting “Where we met”.

30+ Insanely Cute DIY Boyfriend Gifts That Show How Much You Care - by Sophia Lee (18)30+ Insanely Cute DIY Boyfriend Gifts That Show How Much You Care - by Sophia Lee (19)

This is such an adorable way to remember where you and your boyfriend met or started dating.

It would also look super cute in your first apartment or house share!

21. Poison gum


I saw this on Pinterest and thought this is a creative DIY gift for a friend that costs little to no money.

Buy a few packs of gum, add a ribbon, and label them with a sweet note. So easy!

22. Scrabble Piece Frame

This cute DIY gift for a friend is 100% customizable to whoever or whatever you make it for.

Add some scrabble pieces, a shadow box, some cute photos or messages and you're done!

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23. Adventure Book

I'm the type of person who LOVES to remember memories and things I've done and this is the best way to remember your memories and your boyfriend's.

Add items like pictures, tickets, or other mementos that will help keep everything in one book for later in life.

24. Collage of Hearts with Sticky Notes

This DIY is without a doubt the easiest and cheapest idea!

You may already have sticky notes at home, but if you don't, you can get them super cheap.

Basically, you just write things you like about the person on sticky notes and stick them on the wall for them to see every day.

25. Photographed LED

This is a great gift idea. Pick a sentimental image of you and your friend and you can turn it into this adorable LED light.

26. Beer Coaster Photo Frames

Imagine that!

This puts a total spin on a picture frame - you can collect coasters when you're out together, or just use your favorite beer coasters to add to each picture frame!

This is easy and if he's in college it would probably make a great DIY gift for him.

30. Love Mixtape

Do you remember those old movies made by people who put out mixtapes or CDs with love songs?

It may be cheesy, but this is so romantic!

Talk about a cute DIY gift for a friend that is so cute add your favorite songs or love songs and give it to the person you love.

This is very sentimental because it is a hard copy that they will ALWAYS have in their car! Or if you don't like an actual mixtape idea, you can always create a playlist for your friend.

This post was about the best DIY gifts for boyfriend.

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