ᐉ What makes this purple dragon fruit so special? (2023)

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The fruits of Lila Dragon, also called Purple Pitaya, are the special pitaya in the Dragon Fruit Family.Like all other types of dragon fruit grow with long cacti vines.

Betacyanine in a purple pitaya gives the fruit its color.The purple dragon fruit plant can grow anywhere in the world with tropical or subtropical climate.Hylocereus polyrhizus.



Dragon fruits grow in long, thin cacti, trees, fences or walls grow outside.Lila Dragon Fruit is in magenta and looks juicy, with fleshy scales that overlap and leave small swelling with green ends along their length.

Name:Lila Lila Drachenfruch (cactus)
Other common names:Fit / PayaAya Fruit / Strawberry Pêra
Scientific name:Hylocereus polyrhizus
Plant seeds:Outdoors for Frost Daers weeks before the last frost
Pflanzenhöhe:15 - 20 '
Plant Spacing:12 '
Harvest time:July - October
Light requirements:Sonne
Soil and water preferences:Low

The average skin thickness is only 3 millimeters, so that the proportion of meat for the bowl is high.The bright magenta meat of the dragon fruit comes from a chemical named Betacyanin, which also occurs in beets and spectacular fruits of pear.The meat is filled with the small black seeds you can eat.Kipa fruits are cute, but not as cute as white fruit.It also has a slightly acidic flavor.

You could say that aLila pitayaIt tastes like a mixture of apple and pear, the purple meat has a sweet and tasty taste, but there are also options with a slightly softer flavor.

Dragon fruits can be raw or dry or dry or processed in juice or wine.The fruit is a little cute and you can eat or go through the flowers to make tea.I was also happy to find that it has only a few calories and full of vitamins and minerals.


H. polyrhizus is simple andrapidIn the middle of sun or part, they can grow inside.The soil must drain from nutrients and well.They grow quickly and can bear fruit in their second season.

Dragon fruits need strong support that you can give with a classic pole of dragon fruits, grid, tree, stable fence or wall.

ᐉ What makes this purple dragon fruit so special? (1)

The flower occurs in summer (usually in January or February) and fruits can be selected from March.

Dragon fruits do not grow in cold places. Therefore, make sure the temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit so that it is not injured by the cold.Awakens against hard freezing.The fruits of the dragon can be cultivated in pots or on the floor.A strong grid to support your weight.

Do not add many plants to very large pots.Instead, gradually gradually the size of the vessels when plants grow.

You should use a complete fertilizer during the vegetation period.Don't give the plant too much water in winter to die.

Health advantages

You may be wondering why dragon fruits are purple.

Most of the time, health benefits are almost the same as the red dragon fruit.The only difference is that dragon's purple fruits have more antioxidants than red kite fruits, so that they would be worth more.

Remember that you should consult your doctor before eating this unusual fruit.If he agrees, you should start with a small piece.

In addition, we can highlight these useful advantages:

  1. Lower blood pressure.As already mentioned, there are antioxidants such as betalain and betasianine in dragon fruits.Beiids are very good at reducing blood pressure.
  2. Good for future mothers.Lila Dragon fruits are a fruit rich in folic acid and pregnant with women.
  3. Antioxidant.They already know that antioxidants in purple dragon fruits are important to combat free radicals in the body.Age signs are caused by free radicals.Changing your body.
  4. Make people hungry.Dragon Fruit is a good place to get vitamin B12, which helps to be hungry.One way to improve quickly is to eat dragon fruits when they are sick or healing.
  5. It's good for the eyes.The Beta -Carotene in the Purple Dragon Fruit is great for improving the view.For those who do not like carrots, you can use kite fruits as a substitute.
  6. Digestion.The high dragon fruit fiber content can help with a perceaan, especially if you have problems such as constipation and diarrhea.
  7. It can help to stop osteoporosis.Osteoporosis is a disease that occurs if the body does not have sufficient calcium and phosphorus.As purple dragon fruits have calcium and high phosphorus, this is a great way to avoid osteoporosis.Very good to eat for small children.
  8. Take toxins from your body.We eat foods that contain toxins such as arsenic, mercury and others, but we don't know.Vitamin C and Betalain in Lila Dragon fruits can help fight toxins and get rid of them than they body.
  9. It's good for the kidneys.The potassium content of purple dragon fruits is high enough.Calm down is a good way to keep your kidneys healthy and you can also prevent them from getting kidney stones.
  10. Get cholesterol levels.Vitamin B is a very good vitamin to maintain our metabolism working and reduce cholesterol.And vitamin B can be found in dragon purple fruits.


Pitaya purple, which is also called Dragon Fruits, is one of the most beautiful and delicious fruits in the world.Light violet meat is not yet known in the West, but if you are lucky enough to find one, it will delight the plant is magic by itself.It is a shrub in the Cactus family that has large and beautiful white flowers.

After just one night when it was opened, the flowers lose their petals and begin the natural process that leads to fruits in a month.

Dragon fruits are full of good things to your immune system, such as vitamin C and other antioxidants.It can help you get more iron.It is easier for your body to absorb and use iron.

Many people have tried to describe the taste of this magic fruit.It tastes like something I've eaten before.

Common questions

Are the fruits of purple dragon real?

Yes it's real!Dragon Fruit, which is also called Pitaya or Pitahaya, is a fruit that grows in tropical and subtropical cacti.It is easy to see because the exterior is bright or purple red with sharp peaks and the inner, purple or white yellow with black seeds.

What does it mean when the fruits dragon is purple?

If the interior of the dragon fruit is pink or purple, don't worry.There is nothing to complain about the color of the meat.many people.

Is the white or purple dragon fruit better?

It is known that fruits and vegetables that are very dark red have more antioxidants.This is why red kite fruits have more antioxidants than white dragon fruits, so it's a great food to keep your eyes, blood and skin healthy.To prepare the wine that has a good taste.

Are the fruits of purple dragon good for you?

Dragon fruits are full of good things to your immune system, such as vitamin C and other antioxidants.It can help you get more iron.Iron is important because it helps your body change oxygen and provide energy.

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